UVMapper analog

Hello, somebody can offer some analog of UVMapper for Rhino? Or it is the only program?

Can you rephrase the question, please? It is not clear to me what do you mean by “analog of UVmapper for Rhino”

I mean the UVmapper program…

Are you asking for an alternative to Rhino’s UV tools?
If so, you’ll probably have to export as an OBJ to another program such as Unfold3D or UVLayout.
People often use 3D Coat which has very good UV tools plus it’s also a competent sub d modeling program.

Hi arail, I understood, but what it is better to use?




I’m not familiar with UVmapper

Try the demo of the other versions. I think Unfold3D is the UV tool in Maya and Max. 3D Coat is very highly regarded.

But make sure you have explored the built in UV tools in Rhino before you buy something else. The built in tools are very basic compared to the programs I suggested but they can still do a lot if you have patience.

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Make sure you watch this video before spending money on another program:

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I need the best program for creation of development (textures) for an object.

Well I’m not sure about “best” as there are a lot of programs out there that fit the bill. Mari, Substance Painter, 3DCoat and a host of others.
It really depends on your workflow and the outcome you want

My personal favourite, for what it’s worth, is 3DCoat. UV mapping is excellent and PBR materials are great.

I think you should try the trial versions and see what works for you, because I’m not sure what you are looking for.

It is clear…
All thanks!

Since years I use Unfold3D. I don’t know other tools, since it doe’s what I want. Important for my workflow is to create light high quality meshes before starting unfolding. For this task I use MoI3D.

I didn’t get it. Do you want a program to create a UV layout, or to create good textures. If textures i really recommend to use Quixel Suite. It’s kinda plug-in for Photoshop. I tried different soft and stopped on it.