UV unwrapping distortion

I’m trying to make some UV’s that will work in either Photoshop or Substance Designer. Since Rhino makes a separate UV for each piece I’ve tried resizing and moving the UV’s so they don’t overlap when exported to another program. This would work fine except when the UV islands are moved they create a lot of random garbage.

UV scaled and moved in Rhino:

UV’s inside Substance Designer / Photoshop:

Also, for the most part, the way Rhino unwraps is fine but when I do a custom unwrap it never does it right. I’d like to be able to unwrap so seams aren’t front and center. Rhino really seems to fight me when custom unwrapping. When I hit enter to unwrap it either does nothing or makes a funny long curly UV island.

Anyone have any suggestions? Yes I know I can export to Blender and do all this but to be perfectly honest, I just don’t want to. lol
uvtest.3dm (965.3 KB)
seams.3dm (2.8 MB)


Some suggestion to future versions of Rhino. Being able to bake out a few maps like a normal and a colour would be so helpful! Especially since you can assign colours to layers already in Rhino. Being able to use that colour/layer information in a UV to bake out a colour map would be a huge time saver in other programs such as Quixel, Photoshop, Substance! Saving out UV maps would be nice. Rhino is already the supremo modeler in my opinion, it just doesn’t play nice with other programs.

Are you sending the unwrapped meshes out as obj file?


Yes, I get the same results in OBJ and FBX. Haven’t tried other formats.

OK, I’ll test next week back at the office - I have PS there. I know in the past they have had ugly OBJ imports, maybe we can figure that out.


Much appreciated Pascal! :smile:

That other screenie is the OBJ loaded in Substance. I get the exact same results in Photoshop

…and now for something completely different. Selecting a layer material freezes my Rhino. Is this a known issue or is it just me?

At this point I’d say it’s most likely just you. Can you post an example .3dm of this for Pascal?

Freeze Rhinoceros when assigning a material to a layer? I had about 12x in 2015! Help me always to reboot Windows. But last week, from theupdates of the Rhinoceros 0x. Knock on wood :smile: ! And the text, which was before the update in the Czech location and referenced material to the layer assignment according to the plugin Flamingo is now changed to

Y’know the freezing seemed to coincide with a windows update. I was thinking of uninstalling / reinstalling Rhino but I tried the repair option instead in the Programs and Features and it works fine now. Yay! :grinning:

Any luck with this @pascal ?

Wellll… the unwrapping part of this is not working well for me, but exporting the mesh is OK so far. I get the opposite of your labels- more or less organized unwrap if I select seams (but not the same as yours), the long diagonal skinny if I do not. Whatever I export looks OK in Photoshop however.


Just an update if anyone else is having UV problems…

I found a really good unwrapping program here: http://www.unwrap3d.com/u3d/index.aspx
(full disclosure: I have nothing to do with U3D)

I’ve been using it a couple weeks now and it works really well and has a lot of nice features.

Hopefully the UV editor in RhinoV6 will be more powerful or there will be more options to join surfaces and not even have to worry about UV’s