Help: Unwrap or texture mesh from Revit

Some CAD programs don’t add any kind of mapping to the 3D models and this is a problem for texturing later on.
I would really like for Rhino to have a simple stack-all-mesh to the unwrapper in scale. It does not need to have edges aligned, it just needs to not reuse the map space. This way it will be possible to generate shadowmaps and do analysis on it.

As you can see here the model is just using the corner pixel of the image to color the entire strucure:

Are you looking for a smart UV project where there won’t be any overlapping polys when seen in the UV editor? If so, I know what you mean and can write up a feature request. Can you also upload a sample mesh, I can recreate what I think you’re getting on your end but it would be good to see exactly what you do.

Sure, I just extracted some of the outer walls from a project.

Here is my wish list:
1- keep the polys size relative to each other (so we can map them in 1:1)
2- orient parts so UV relates to XYZ if possible. (if vertical then z -> y)
3- keep welded polys together where possible.

Unfolding would be difficult I presume, but maybe if coplanar then it should be a walk in the park, then check if unrollable, and check if “smash” could do a good job.

Mesh from Revit example.3dm (921.8 KB)

Thanks, filed as

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Nothing important to contribute only to say that this feature would be wonderful and that Holo’s wishes are on point. I would also add that scaling the UV space 0,0 to 1,1 is important as well (right?).

This has been one thing holding back a beautiful Revit -> Rhino -> Unreal Engine workflow without any outside fuss.

Not sure if any progress has been made on this, but I’d like to add an enthusiastic up-vote. It would be incredibly valuable for a variety of mapping and rendering tasks (not limited to Revit imports).

@BrianJ, have you looked at OpenNL? The distribution includes an implementation of least squares conformal maps, as described here. Blender uses something similiar, but the above code might be easier to incorporate.

Thanks, I added your vote and comments to the request for the developers. I can’t say when or if this will get investigated but it looks like a variation on Rhino’s Unwrap command.

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Maybe _packtexture could work for this cases. Could this manual done by converting the mesh to NURBS and using the NURBS as custom mapping object for the original mesh?