Uv mapping chair

i am trying to do some uv mapping for a chair i made but i am not happy with it maybe some wan can put me in the right direction

Did you know the Custom Mapping options?
Here’s a tutorial: Custom Mapping

Sorry for the italian only language.

Can you post the model and the texture you’re using in the material? Also indicate the area that you would like to be different, for instance is the texture too stretched or compressed in a certain area or is it not tiling across a polysrf seam?

Here’s another tutorial link too that may help…

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Hi brian i just so complex maybe i think to simple about uv mapping in general but anyway
here is the file www.artlantismembers.com/ikea2.zip
here is a texture i use
thanks for your help Brian

I tried to fix the mapping, 30 minutes of work.
There are some poor quality surfaces, so it is best if you correct it
You must divide the pillow into 3 parts, one for the upper part, one for the lower part and one for the strip between the two sides.

when you’re done, use unwrap, you don’t need to select seams exept for the strip … that’s it…

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thanks for the help !!! i was thinking in the same direction-:)…but sometimes i an getting fixated this time i was
fixated to try to do it as wan object not 3 and i am still curious if that is possible ??
the same with the armrest making laminate for it in UV but I could not find a solution for it… so i model it… you cannot see it in your chair but i cut it in small parts
but thanks again !!
greetings Peter

first try on your way Pitti it works fine -:slight_smile: but that means that i have split the pilow into 3 parts so no i let them separate
i mean no join them ? also not wen i make meshes of it is that correct
greetings peter
its great -:slight_smile:

thanks again!!

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The @Pitti solution it just try to follow how to the real cushion are made.
Yes keep in pieces.
Ciao pitti!

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Hello Prof. Gatti! Glad to be helpful…

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i just started a new chair with a pillow and the unwrap idea is great but a small question as you can see in the corners the balls are getting bigger i don,t know why?? uv mapping.3dm (6.2 MB)
greetings Peter

I see what you mean in your file. it is likely due to the seam selection when unwrapping. I selected a seam right around the edge where the fabric would fold under and it works much better.

uv mapping_BrianJ.3dm (7.1 MB)

`Hi Brian thanks i just came up with the same idea this weekend-:slight_smile: and sorry but that was the way i have to model
nexst wen i make a model i have to think more about the materials just study more on picture to find out where
the seam are and so on but thank you was thinking with me !!!
greetings Peter