Rhino mesh texture mapping

I´m new here and i´m trying to find a solution for my texture mapping of a mesh couch model.
I dont know much about texture mapping and tried to look for any tutorials to my specific topic but i dindt find any… i´ve tried everything from surface to boxmapping and also custom mapping ( i dont really know how to use it with a mesh though ), but i didnt get any good results. Can anyone explain me what the best method would be to map those models?! it would be really appreciated! Thanks!!

The quickest mapping would be a box mapping and you set all sides of the box at the same size. If you are not happy about artifacts between the projection directions of the box mapping you could wrap your texture in the triplanar projection of V-Ray. In this case the Rhino mapping is ignored.

It will look like the box mapping, but you get a soft blend range between the three projection directions. Set the size like you expect it should be. Since you don’t get a preview at the Rhino rendered viewport you could use the V-Ray RT viewport for preview.

A perfect mapping can be get per unwrapping the texture coordiantes. It’s not so easy done, best you would use an external unwrapper like Rizom RS. Rhino has a basic build in unwrapper, but I don’t use it, since I use the old Unfold3D (it’s like Rizom, but from some years before). It creates quite perfect solutions.

wow thanks for the quick and detailed reply!! i will check out those options and see what works the best! Thanks alot!!!