UV mapping for a double curve


I want to make a test by applying an image to a chair (Panton Chair: https://www.vitra.com/en-us/product/panton-chair-classic ) that as a curved shape. The image should be even multiplied trough the surface like it was glued to the chair, but I can’t find a way to do it. Which UV mapping options should I use? Is it even possible with this kind of shape?

I have attached a screenshot and the data file.

File: https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/ZWuiVqDTkl6T6aVMGnmuvM9tXSKHL9MEkVi9KlZOdhW

The chair is an polysurface made up of 719 separate surfaces. Each individual surface has it’s own UV mapping.

How did you create the chair model?

I started to use the Vitra 3ds. After I saw it was too complex I exploded the edges and make a loft with Join.

File: https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/scX7o2o95EtleYX94zU61Bc30ogGAHseDYKRxxqFlKc

How can I make it simpler to my objective?

Thank you

How much experience do you have with Rhino?

I am beginner. I just played in uni with simple things im grasshoper some years ago. I work with CAD, not a 3D artist. I hope it helps.
Thank you.

What are the objectives of your project? How accurately does the chair need to be modeled?

The reason for my question about project objectives is there are many different ways to create a Rhino model of the chair. Creating a high accuracy model is different than creating a shape which looks like the chair but simplified.

Sorry for my late response, I am probably in another time zone.
This is for an after work fun projekt. Ideally the image on the chair would have the same area as the image like it was just glued to the chair, but an approximation to this is good enough. The objective is to have a render preview of diferent imagens on the chair. Although it would probably be fun to learn how to make a high accuracy, time is a bit limited so a simpler modell would be a better idea for my skills. After all the original modell is probably also not 100% accurate with the chair.

Thank you.