UV map seams issue

I have this vague memory that I saw a new setting in V7 somewhere that addressed the issue of texture distortions at the UV seam. I’m sure you know the issue. Spherical mapping creates an ugly seam.

Did I dream this?

Thanks, Steve

Hi Steve - can you post or send me an example? I know what you are talking about but at the moment my tests look fine…


Hi Pascal,

Thanks. Flat out here at the moment, but will post a file when I get a chance later.
Cheers, Steve

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Hi Pascal @pascal ,

Sorry to take so long to get back to this. I’ve been horribly busy.

I did a bit of testing and following is what I worked out.

I made a random blob and applied spherical mapping to it. So far so good, no ugly UV seam.

When I mesh it though, the mesh gets split at the UV seam as you can see above.
It still renders fine though.

Where it gets interesting is If I apply Willems Bake_squish_mapping Python script. This is the script he wrote to solve the squish mapping issue. https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-66671
As you can see below the dreaded UV seam distortion is back.

I can deal with the mesh getting split at the UV seam by joining and welding. However even after doing that the seam distortion shows up again if I run Willems script. By the way, thanks Willem!

I’ve managed to come up with a workaround. If I mesh and fix the seam by joining and welding, then export as .obj. Bringing that obj back in has baked the UV mapping to the meshes and all is good.
So no panic, but I thought this might be useful for whoever is working on the RH-66671 issue.

Cheers, Steve

I think that issue needs to be fixed in the script by doing some sort of seam checking and unwelding edges that are on texture mapping discontinuities.

Hi Jussi,

Yes, that seams (pun intended) to be the solution. Joining but not welding edges on the texture mapping discontinuities.

Regards, Steve