Uv mesh problem

Hello everyone, i am having another issue with texture mapping that i couldnt solve. I have 2 different glasses and i am trying to create uv maps for second one like the first one but no matter i did, it just didnt work. The uv mesh that represent the faceplate is strangely a hollow square for the second glasses while in the first one, it is 2d version of the faceplate. I also need separete uv’s for different areas on the faceplate like in the first one. I tried to use custom mapping and match mapping but they didnt work. Any help about that?

Any suggestions or ideas?

Hi @karakusc
I don’t fully understand what your problem is from your description, but maybe what you are looking for is the Unwrap command, which lets you define the “islands” and borders you see in the UV editor.
HTH, Jakob