Texture mapping mesh

I have a .jpg as mapping to put a mesh and used spherical mapping. It is only a single photograph, no tiling or mirroring.
Now a seam between the beginning and the end of the photo remains visible.
It also remains visible in a 3D print.
How can I prevent this seam (line) from occurring?

Thanks for your response.

Hello - I guess if the pixels on one edge of the image do not match the pixels on the other edge you will see a seam - does that make sense with what you see?



Thanks, but this is the problem.


Hi Dorothe - Yeah, that is not so nice - can you post the object and the image or send to tech@mcneel.com?



Maybe it’s the problem like here:

Is it the problem of shared UV coordinates at seams?

Hi Micha - we got the mesh and the seam is quite a mess, just in the polygons.


Hi Pascal, thank you for the info. At this occasion I tested the mapping distortion by welding problem and found, that it is still alive at Rhino 6. If I understand right, to fix this, the kind of mesh organisation needs to be changed. Maybe once a day it will be done and it helps to bring it on the table from time to time. :wink:

Have a nice day,

Hi Micha - yeah, it may be related to that, underneath, but since the mesh itself was so messy along the seam, I thought to start with that.
@Micha - it looks like you are correct - it is the more likely the mapping not the mesh.