Texture Distortion

Hi everybody.
Does anyone know how to fix these texture problems in rhino’s viewport renderer? we render animations based on viewport renderer so consider a solution in this field only.

I’ve made sure that UVs are correct and uniformed and that I’m on Mapping channel set to 1. Clamping is also unchecked. and I’m using a 1k tiled texture set in Normal and AO and a radial gradient preset as the base color, all on a physical based mat. but I get low-res and distorted results.

it didn’t happen but after that I used UV editor.

also if I render and stop the render in the early stages this is the result:

maybe an auto clamping that is not restorable?

also what about these seam-like lines?

Hi @Carl_starling Can you try these files in the Rhino 8 WIP? Both are Rendered mode issues that I know have been worked on. If you private message me a file I can also test it here for you. The distortion of the textures at early stages is due to texture baking which the need for has been reduced in v8 and the lines are a UV issue I also had been discussing with the developers.

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Thanks for your answer.
Sure I will test it on WIP and send you the files as soon as possible :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi again;
I checked the files on WIP and thankfully there was no problem. nor the distortion nor the seams. but on the V.7 the problems still remain despite the lesser render effort:

On V.8

On V.7
Distortion happens:

Seams appear in far from the camera:
Screenshot (81)

I also Figured out that the problem relates to rendering SubDs. Because as I converted Subds to mesh, there was no more of these problems on V.7.

this is the file:
7.3dm (4.7 MB)

Thanks for testing the WIP, I’m glad that solved the issues. I filed some bugs for the developers in the past regarding the visible seams between the SubD face pack regions at certain zoom levels in v7. They were able to diminish this greatly in v8 but the change couldn’t be added to v7 as well. The extraction of a mesh from the SubD is indeed a workaround that avoids the issue in v7. I believe it was due to getting around the texture baking happening on the SubD.

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