Using Model Lines in Revit to guide Grasshopper Geometry


Is there a way to extract a model line within Revit for use in Rhino and Grasshopper via Rhino.Inside? I see a component for extracting ‘edges’ but it would be far more useful in my scenario to use a couple model lines I’ve drawn. I attempted first to Logic+Filter using Model>Lines picker and Level filter with no success. It’s very likely I’m missing something… Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Rocky,

Model lines have a Work Plane parameter which indicates the level/location, so the Level filter wouldn’t work in this case. (9.1 KB)
(if its a newer version of RiR than you are running it might open with errors, but a save will make things right)

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Thanks for the quick response! So I suppose using this method I could name the model lines a unique name and pick from the categories list. This is super helpful!

The Line Style parameter might be the way to go here if you are going to control it that way.

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Wondering if there is a way to do the reverse of this? I’m looking to create Revit Model, or Reference lines from Rhino or Grasshopper curves. Is this possible?

There is a component named “Add Model Line” which you could use for that.

Thanks Mohamed. Didn’t realize that had been added but exactly what I needed.