Selecting Revit Element by Type

Hi Guys,

I am trying to select the element by type in Revit but it selected all the types,
but what I am wanting is to select it by each type.


All good, the next question is how can I select the reference line inside the revit family?


Switched to the Rhino.Inside.Revit category (Rhino is Inside other programs as well)

The View Elements isn’t the most efficient and is considered a ‘Slow’ filter.

A fast filter would be a Type Filter for example.

What are you looking to do with the Reference Line?

Thanks Japhy, the reason why l want to access the reference line within the family in order to divide it and add an insertion points for my steel support. Other option is to be able to select the 3 surfaces of the family - left, right and the bottom and then create a pattern wherein l could be able to use each of the pattern line to host my support profile and sweep on it.


You can probably cast these elements to Curve, or use the Element Curve component

You can get creative with the detail visibilities for this one by having a model line set to only be visible on Course and the geo on Fine etc. Ive used this trick to be able to get certain parts when needed.


Thank you guys for your assistance, just realised that we are exploring couple of options and selecting the surfaces of the family inside the project is the practical approach, is there a way that l can select the 3 sides of the family without selecting it manual inside revit as l got multiple families loaded inside my project?


Hi Joel, I’m not picturing the workflow, can you be more specific? Thanks.

Hi Japhy,

Those revit spatial boxes representing a mechanical ducts and we want to support them with different brace support options by selecting the surfaces of the family and apply the different patterns wherein we can host our profile support.


I am trying to host my profile using sweep 1 but got no luck at the moment, cheers.

Interesting. Hanger coordination is a fun one.

What governs the spacings & collisions? Mostly doing trapeze hangers? some Clevis? What accounts for the duct width variability?

Hi Japhy.
The above questions that you have are depend on the seismic restraint engineer design intent, we have also trapeze hanger and
clevis but this one is a bit bespoke, still exploring some different options. Inserting these braces are tedious task, that is why we are looking for RIR for a solution, cheers.

I am just wondering if we have an option that we can add a generic model by curve like adding beam? thanks.

No, the Line Based Generic Model isn’t actually Curve based. Its just a length parameter that you pick two points in the Revit UI.

Using a Workplane based family you can Place in any direction & give it the length parameter from the curve.

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