Import lines as lines


I am not able to import lines using the line category picker. I can bring them in as a generic model, but this isn’t so useful because I need to work with the lines inside revit, not inside the generic family that RIR creates. Does anybody know if I have missed a step in my code to select this simple demo line?

I think i’ve managed to get it with the ModelLines node.

But the line import isn’t working quite right. I’m getting some odd data jumbling. Lines are closed in Rhino but open/off-axis in revit.

Final post on this (hopefully): my workaround was to explode the joined curve into segments, make it a new layer for ease of visibility, then bring all the curves on that layer in. Worked great and I was able to extrude my road.

Hi, I have this problem too, my understanding is that your solution is to generate a separate model line, I hope to import Revit as a general model family file as the previous version, so that it is easy to manage files.