Is there a way to snap to Rhino line work within Revit?

I drafted some floor plans in Rhino, and I can get the linework to show in Revit. I would prefer to build the walls in Revit based off the Rhino linework, but I cannot seem to find a way to snap to these lines. Is there a way to do it?

Something like this should help. (19.7 KB)

Open this definition into Grasshopper, it takes all the curves from the ‘Linework’ layer and bake them into Revit.

You can keep editing your curves in Rhino, curves in Revit will update.
Once you are done click on the play button on Trigger component and it will enable the ‘Delete Element’ component to clean your Revit model from Linework curves.


What advantage do they have over Rhino.inside.Revit and the solution above by @kike