Extracting ACT Ceiling Model Lines within a 3D view


Is there a way to extract ACT (acoustic ceiling tiling) lines, which show in Revit’s RCPs, and highlight them in a 3D view?

So far I have tried the following methods:

  1. extracting model lines from the ACT elements using the “dependent elements” component. this is the result:

  2. Isolating the Finish Material layer of the ACT ceilings and using the Analyze Appearance Asset to deconstruct and reconstruct the lines. There was no way to isolate model line geometry through this and the appearance asset looks like it only influences rendered appearance.

  3. Extracting the RCP’s Views through the “Views by Type” component and using those views to inform the element geometry through the “View Geometry” component. This creates the same ACT geometry without the model lines.

Thank you for the help.

Model Hatch lines aren’t actual geometry and not readily available.

I’ll take a look at it over the weekend and see if there is a way to reconstruct the grid in grasshopper from the limited revit api information (angle, origin, shift, offset)

Hello Japhy, has there been an update to this item?

It’s in the queue; its pretty complex and doesn’t seem like anyone has done in Dynamo as a Revit Plugin. I’ll keep you posted when I have more.

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