Use of kangaroo2 with rhino points


(Die13) #1

I’m trying to find the form with kangaroo2 starting from some points I have on rhino.
Surely I’m wrong in the code and the convergence it finds is not what interests me.
I am attaching the file with the points and my code.
Thanks so much!PUNTIdm.3dm (256.4 KB) (18.3 KB)

(Daniel Piker) #2 (17.3 KB)

It looks like you were trying to find the right points from your flat mesh to pull to the target points?
It also seems to me that there are a lot of points anchored inside the mesh here, not just at the boundaries. If you want to form-find this as a tensile net, I think it makes more sense to only anchor the external points (since in the actual built compression structure those are where the deck loads and reactions are applied).