Beginner kangaroo 2 help

Hi, I need help with a kangaroo 2 definition I’m trying to figure out. I’ve attached the file. Issue is when I tried and connect the additional parameters labelled at the bottom they don’t work… they DID work the first time I connected them, but when I disconnected and tried again nothing happensKangaroo 2 (14.3 KB) Kangaroo 2 test.3dm (3.4 MB) .
Any help appreciated.

Hi @bella.m

No points are referenced in the ‘Internal Anchors’ group in the file posted above.

Anchors have a Point input which identifies the point to be anchored. This should be exactly coincident with one of the vertices of your mesh. They also have an optional Target input which is the position you want to move the anchor to (if no input is given to Target then the Point input is used for both).

You can move the Target point around, even during simulation, and when you reset it will pull to the same point. If you move the Point input away from the mesh though, when you reset the simulation it will no longer be attached and will be ignored.