Kangaroo help

Hello, I really need some help with this script. Need it for tomorrow but can’t figure it out

I have managed to get the mesh to go to the base points in tension at different heights.

However I now need the mesh to snap to the pink internal points. I have tried following multiple tutorials however can’t seem to figure out how to add that to this script. (Refence below of what I need for pink internal points)

Any help would be really useful. I have attached the script and model

TENSILE.3dm (13.4 MB)

KANGAROO.gh (12.9 KB)

You had the answer in your script only, the logic you needed was to find closest points in the mesh point cloud to the pole target points. But you would need work out your curved beams to follow the geometry, I guess. Also, you don’t need to form your terrain mesh from kangaroo. Use mesh patch in rhino and use quad remesh in grasshopper to get a clean terrain mesh. Use this mesh to simulate your geometry. I have remade the mesh and also internalized it into your file in case you are not a rhino 8 user.

KANGAROO.gh (325.5 KB)


Ah amazing, this works so well, thank you so much :), For the inputs, what points do you add in here? The internal points on the columns?

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You have to use Target point . The point on the poles

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Is there also way to create a courtyard cut out in the centre of this using this script?

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You have to modify base mesh with a hole before simulation. And then rewire kangroo inputs

This worked! thank you :slight_smile:

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