Kangaroo Anchor Points for tensile structure

Hi there, I am trying to make this tensile structure by keeping all the anchor points along the boundary curve. However, I keep getting “crunched” mesh when I hit run. I use Kangaroo 2 on Rhino 6. Please check out the rhino and gh file below. Thanks a lot!

tensile surface2.gh (18.1 KB)
tensile structure .3dm (213.8 KB)

It looks like it’s just the tolerance set too low for the scale of the model, so points at the boundary aren’t getting combined. Changing it from the default of 0.01 to 1.0 makes it work.

Hi Daniel, I changed the tolerence to 1.0 on Rhino, but the problem still seems to occur…

Ah, I should have been specific - I meant the tolerance input to the Kangaroo component

Ahah, it works now, thanks so much!

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