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Hello everyone, I need the help of someone who can guide me because I don’t know what the problem is, I’m trying to make a cover for a stadium similar to Frei Otto’s in the Olympic stadium in Munich.

The idea is to have 4 Anchor points but anchor point number 3 doesn’t work for some reason. I don’t know if the Mesh is well done or the problem is Kangaroo.

Thanks in advance

My idea is that something like this remains

I added two tags: Pufferfish & Heteroptera

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A better version.

Thank you very much for helping me! Is there any way that the targets of the anchor point are the circles? so that the mesh is perforated and looks like this?

I tried this way but it doesn’t work, I think I’m doing something wrong, should I do it before converting to Mesh or after?

  • Surface with the shape.
  • Locate the circles in the columns
  • Region difference maybe? or boundary surface
  • Convert to mesh
  • Pull point with the points on circle
  • Cull pattern

Hi @mauriciovb yes, circular openings are possible.
Here are a few other threads on approaches to this

Sorry, this is a wrong one, don’t use this.

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I made a mistake, this is the right one.

Is there any way that the targets of the anchor point are the circles?
Yes, possible, but in your case, I think you need to overhaul the entire logic to get that effect.
Basically, you need to make holes first then assign the vertices of the holes to the circles.

I will look this examples, thank you!

That’s what I was thinking, I have to make the holes on a surface, convert it to Mesh and then assign the vertices of the holes to the circles, thank you for your guidance.

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This is one way.
I believe the posts shown above by @DanielPiker are better than mine.


Hello, I was able to solve and make the holes in the mesh with the examples that you guys showed me. The anchor point 3 works perfectly, but now the anchor points 1,2 and 4 do not work when moving. I was looking for examples, but I am not finding them here, could you guys please guide me again? Thanks in advance.

I use gene pool to move the anchor points because after I will use Wallecei (58.7 KB)

can not open the gh

I think it was the Tri Remesh, too heavy. (64.8 KB)

I am afraid you need to understand what is Anchor Point before making this.
[ Kangaroo 2 ] Basic #05 : Add Anchor Points 1 - YouTube

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