Uploading a Grasshopper Script - "No output geometry was found for default parameter values. "

So I went through my script;

  1. I don’t have any non-allowed plugins (as far as I know, I’m using all default stuff except Dendro).
  2. I do have a visible object at the end of my chain and even made sure to add a Shapediver geometry output.
  3. I internalized the mesh data I was referencing.

Not sure what I can do. Would prefer not to post the script publicly, does anyone have any suggestions?

As the first step troubleshooting step, add a simple Center Box to your definition, leave preview on, re-upload and let me know if you see anything.

It might be that your model is complex and the computation time exceeds allowance of your account.

You can also narrow down the problem, simplify your model and post a minimal version of your definition replicating the issue.

Ok I put the box in and hid everything else and now I have a box. :slight_smile:

And that’s what they call minimalism! :wink:

At least we know that plugins or computation time aren’t an issue. Are you sure you internalised all referenced geometry? To test this, open a new Rhino document and then open your Grasshopper definition. Do you see more that the box?


Please post a minimal version of your definition replicating the issue so we can get to the bottom of this.

Not really sure how to do a minimal version of this script…can I just send it in a PM? :slight_smile:

Then keep reading the post below :wink:

I’m afraid, we don’t do PMs on free public forum but you might like the paid private support.
Simply let our sales team know through the contact form on www.shapediver.com.

Alright I’m just working on this myself, I have to ask - is it normal for Shapediver to have a different result than the Grasshopper script?

I’m building a mask and for some reason the hex pattern I’m using is like, offset or rotated 90° or something. Is this a known bug?

Ok I found the issue. I was using a plane generated thusly:

  1. Create a bounding box.
  2. Grab four points of that box.
  3. Draw a polyline.
  4. Create a surface based on that polyline.
  5. Use that surface as a reference grid.

Turns out that if you do that there’s a chance the surface will flip its UV direction on upload.

My guess is that the error happens on step 2. I don’t know what your process is to grab the four points of the box, but if you just take the first 4 points coming out of the “Deconstruct Box” component, the points you get will likely not be the same from one instance of Rhino to the next. This is a topic that is covered at length (along with the similar issues that come with the split and merge components in general) by Edwin in the webinar.