Uploaded a model successfully, but nothing showed up on the edit page

I tried to upload a model to the SD platform, and the script it’s below 200k, it’s quite light.
And it’s successfully uploaded, but when I go to the edit page, there is nothing showing up.
I was wondering, what could be the reason?
Maybe this info is the reason this happened. In my script, there is a C# component, and I uploaded it in the past and passed the manual check. So today, I didn’t have problems uploading it, Maybe this is related?
Please share your ideas about what could be the reason.
Many thanks1

I will not be able to help without looking at a minimal example definition, or at least without having a link to a ShapeDiver model.

Afters some investigation, it appears that this is yet another issue of backwards incompatibility between Rhino 6 and Rhino 7. In Rhino 6, the plane input of the curve offset component needs to be explicit, while in Rhino 7 it is optional:

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