Upload to New Platform Doesn't Show Any Geometry


I am using the new platform now (looks great!) however when I upload a model I have been working on it goes through the upload process but either looks blank or just shows the shapediver logo in the viewer as if no geometry is there.

I don’t get any errors loading it, no unsupported plugins, no timeout of computation time.

I have exhaustively gone through it and isolated it to a specific portion where I am am testing whether geometry collides with a rectangular frame and then I cull out what is coliding as well as outside of the frame. My geometry appears in the SD viewer if it is attached before the cull, however if it is attached at any point after the cull (even right after) it doesnt appear or recognize at all within the SD viewer. Everything looks fine in GH though, no errors or broken wires and it visualizes fine.

Any idea on why my GH file is not showing any geometry?

Link to Model: ATOM_WIP3 | ShapeDiver

Which version of Rhino are you using?
The most likely issue is that you are using Rhino 7, while using our main shared system which is still based on Rhino 6. We have unfortunately encountered several backwards incompabitilities between the two versions:
The most common on so far is this one:

Check that your Curve Offset components have an explicit value for the “Plane” input.

Otherwise try to open your file in Rhino 6 and check if it displays anything. It should be easy there to track the issue.

The shared system will switch to Rhino 7 some time this year. However, if you cannot make it work with Rhino 6, please write to our contact form on the website and request that your account be switched to Rhino 7 (only for Designer, Designer plus and Business accounts).

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Hey Mathieu,

Thanks for the quick reply. I was able to reinstall Rhino6 and give it a test, added in the explicit uses of the plane, and now it works. That is exactly what the issue was.

It appears to work fine in Rhino7 as well, as long as I make the plane inputs explicit. I don’t think I will need the switch yet, but will reach out through the contact form if so.

Thanks again!