ShapeDiver Upload (duplicated model)

Hi I’m having problems uploading a model in ShapeDiver.

While in Rhinoceeros the model is OK, when I upload to the shapediver platform its looks like two models are loading, one with the parameters that i can control with de sliders and the other a little one that is static…

This problem is new for me, so I ask for help with it.


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Could it be that preview is switched on for some components which you do not want to display? Please see Display

One more question: Which display component are you using? The glTF 2.0 display component? If so, are you making use of the transformations feature?

Hi Alexander, thanks for your answer.

The problem was solved automatically, maybe was a problem of the server.

Today I opened my pendings models in order to try to fix it, and for my sourprise when I open the model was OK. I attach a image of the model if you want to inquire what happened.


Best regards