Successful Upload not previewing or loading

Similar to the past issue here ( Uploaded a model successfully, but nothing showed up on the edit page nothing is happening after the model is successfully uploaded. Please advise on what might need adjusting/. Thanks.

If the viewer is not showing anything, it means that the model does not have visible outputs for the current parameter set. This can happen, for example, if you did not internalize all the geometry referenced from a Rhino file.
If you cannot identify the issue, please share a link to your uploaded model so I can further investigate.

Here is a link to the model:
thanks for your help,

Your algorithm needs an image as input in order to produce geometry. By default, the import image component in your definition references no image, therefore no geometry is created. You have to at least reference an image as input.

However, I tried to do this and it failed because it seems that the computation time then exceeds by far 30 seconds, which is above the limit of your account. You would need to reduce the computation time of the model or upgrade your account in order to run this definition on ShapeDiver.