Unwanted Threshold Display

This project, which I am using to put VisualArq through the paces, began at some point this afternoon to print a Detail in Layout Space with thresholds (or some other kind of lines) at all interior doors. I believe nothing was changed while this came about except linetype scaling and linetype editing. No door or wall styles were altered.
DoorsPrintWithThresholds.3dm (19.8 MB)

I’ve been playing for a while with that model and I couldn’t reproduce this behavior.
If you can provide any clue that gives us more information of how to reproduce this error, please let us know.

I believe the issue is related to the locked-off cutplane in the file I uploaded in reference to that.

I have been able to reproduce this behaviour. It happens when printing the model in Wireframe display mode (which also shows the wall joints). We will try to fix that but I recommend to print the model in Hidden display mode for 2D drawings in vector output.

Almost never, in my case. But enough to be a problem, which is why I’ve switched to Plan Views. The wall joints are only visible in wireframe view if there’s no fill, or if the line weight is something other than default. Both for Plan View and Model. Hidden doesn’t work for model view, as this post shows gif examples of about a third of the way down. I don’t see a work-around. Model View Detail WIndow Issues - #3 by djhg

As to using Hidden instead of Wireframe for PlanView printing, it seems unpromising: at least Wireframing sometimes seems to respect line weight by-layer settings as they display in the model. Hidden doesn’t respect line weights at all, even when printing from the model, and it treats wall joints in the model (the lower line work) with artifacting, as you can see below in this snapshot of the resulting pdf,

We will review these issues and get back to you when we fix them.

Hidden Also Tends to freeze up regularly and disallow the selection of anything. It takes a while to realize that it’s not just a matter of a Viewport being inactive (it happens in modelspace too.)

@djhg we have realized this issue is related to a Rhino bug that is targeted to be fixed in version 6.9, as you can see here: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-47488
In the meantime, using polysurfaces insteand of extrusions (with the UseExtrusions command) may solve this as a workaround.

@djhg This error has been fixed part in VisualARQ 2.3 and part in Rhino 6 SR9. So make sure you have both versions.