Dashed Door Display Problem in Project

Below is my model viewed in the Perspective Viewport with a level cutting throught it:

Below is a view into a Hidden View Mode in an active detail view in layout space. It’s what I expect and need as a printed result:

Below is what print display shows me when I deactivate the detail, which is how it prints, which isn’t what I want - the dashed lines are obliterated by mysterious solid lines:

Here are my Door Attribute Settings:

Here are the door leaf attributes:

If I save these objects out as a separate .3dm file, all behaves properly. The problem is in the project context. I’ve sent a link to project and ini file for display mode to Enric.

There’s an error in my post above. Both screen grabs are for the leaf. but its hard to tell because of the display bug (Deleted Layer persists in Wall Style's List until Wallstyles run again). the leaf section display is actually set to a dashed linetype for this door and the overall elemnt is “by parent” as the uploaded project shows. (The door in question is enclosed in a red rectangle in the model.) I hope the error can be reproduced and resolved.

Hi @djhg,

I’ve been looking at your model.

First, when you enable “Print Preview”, line-types will have the paper scale. You need to zoom in to see the line-type on the screen. If you create a line in Rhino next to the door and set its line-type to “DashedSmall”, it will have the same behavior. The same applies when printing. So there is no bug in “Print Preview”.

However, there is a known issue in VisualARQ: if there is a dashed line on top of a continuos line, the dashed line gaps will show the line under it. In your case, there exists the lines from the bottom edges of the leaf, which are continuos, and unfortunately, we don’t have a solution yet; We really don’t know how to solve this without doing a Make2D, which is too slow to do when printing.


Thankyou for a thorough examination. I see that it doesn’t work in my exported project either. I suppose it defeats the purpose of many places where a dashes section line type would work. It does work if the projection line type is the same dashed line type.

A workaround for suppressing the visual impact of the door is to make the colour of its sectioned line a grey.