Dimension and Occlusion Issues

I have a taken a couple of issues far enough with McNeel for us to conclude that it’s an issue with Va, though there aren’t any Va objects in the problem projects.

Two problems:

Occlusion in Prints from Wireframe Views: https://discourse.mcneel.com/t/print-hidden-lines/68105/23

Dimension Styles NOt Printing COrrectly: Dimension style not printing as displayed

I will upload the related projects to dropbox.

Hi @djhg,

I’m copying here the same answer that I wrote here: https://discourse.mcneel.com/t/print-hidden-lines/68105/33?u=enric

I’ve been able to reproduce the issue, and it is caused by 2 (not just 1) bugs in VisualARQ:

  1. VisualARQ is trying to print in vector mode a detail that is configured to use the “Technical” display mode. We enabled this as a test some time ago, because “Technical” is very similar to “Hidden”, but as we don’t support yet printing hidden lines, this feature is in fact a bug.

  2. When printing a layout with multiple details, when VisualARQ find a detail that uses “Hidden” or “Technical” display modes, our Hidden Vector Output feature is enabled, but it is not disabled for the next detail, so all remaining “Wireframe” details will be printed also in “Hidden” mode.

I have already fixed both bugs in VisualARQ 2.3, which release is planned for the first half of September.



@djhg In VisualARQ 2.3 we have disabled the option to print vector output views using Technical display mode.