Unwanted gaps in walls

Hi everybody,

I´ve constructed a downstand beam with column. I made it from a generic 400mm wall style. The wall was first extended under the roof. Second the opening was created with the “_vasubtractsolids” command.

When I place walls in this opening, they are cut by the downstand beam above. Walls which are parallel to the beam disappear totally.

Creating the downstand beam from a solid gives me the same result and I lose the hatch. Exploding it transform it to a Rhino solid and I lose the style.

By the way, why do walls from solids have no hatch options??

The next bizarre experience occurs when I copy the downstand beam. When I use the copy and paste command the wall loses the extension command which has to be renewed.

When I use the Rhino copy command everything works well.

How can I solve these problems?

Thanks in advance!


Hi @memo_design1,

What do you mean? It is possible to define section attributes from the wall style:

As for the other issues, please, could you send me the file? I’ll take a look to figure out the problem.

Hi again @memo_design1,

I have been looking at this again. I understand that you have created the downstand beam with a wall object, why do you prefer to use this type of object? You could use a beam object.

Anyway, the reason why walls disappear under the downstand beam is that the wall you are using to create this beam starts at the bottom even if you have subtracted a solid, so the walls under it are intersecting with it.

So, you can solve it in two different ways: you can use beam objects to create this downstand beam or you can modify the wall you are using so that it starts above the other walls. Here you have an example of the second solution:


Hi Alfonso,

thanks for the quick answer. Beam is working, but for me it seemed to be more logical and convenient to generate the downstand beam because of the integrated column from a wall style.

Setting the wall distance from the ground higher would mean to design extra columns at the sides.
I´ve attached a film showing the hatch problem, a wall made from a Rhino solid doesn´t show hatches, or perhaps I´m not able to generate them. Also when I add a solid to a wallstyle the wall will show a hatch the added solid remains empty. For documentation it means I have to explode the parametric drawing and add the hatch manually. Proceeding in this way I lose the option to automatically update changes…

2010-agentur v2020_version 2.3dm (4.9 MB)

Hi @memo_design1,

I have been checking the problem with the section attributes in walls made from solids. The problem is this wall style doesn’t have a pattern assigned for section attributes. If you define it, it will work.

You can define the section attributes of the solid before adding it to the object. You can define this section attributes like this:

Section attributes