Problem with hatches

A couple of things about the hatches.

  1. If I remember correctly, in the past, Brep added to the wall by Add Solids was hatched similar to the wall, now it doesn’t.

  2. Regular Rhino Hatches have convenient functions like Basepoint and also they are aligned to the object. So if I have a nicely positioned hatch, moving the object doesn’t destroy it. - VA Hatches are world aligned which is troublesome with not uniform hatches. World aligning can be good to have nice transitions between multiple objects, but object aligning has its advantages also, so maybe some aligning toggle?

  1. Editing Brep with Section Attributes resets them.

  2. Is there a chance to add GH component which would set Section Attributes to the baked geometry?
    I started a thread about baking issues ( Expanded baking options in vanilla GH) where I write also a bit about hatches. Besides problems with BakeName & Elefront compatibility, now if I want to bake custom geometry with hatch patterns I got to pretend that they are all Walls and use Wall From Solid component.
    What if I want to bring e.g. Stairs from Revit and bake them hatched?

Hi @Czaja,

  1. That has never worked this way. Solids added to walls don’t inherit the wall section attributes. If we did, then we should ask if the solid keeps its own section attributes and merges it with equal section attributes in the wall, or it takes the section attributes of one particular wall layer.

  2. Being able to define the hatch base point on VA objects is planned for future version. 100% agree this is necessary.

Yes, the idea in VA 3 is to call Rhino hatch dialog to edit the pattern features for section attributes.

  1. Yes, we are aware of this issue. We have plans to fix it.

  2. Yes, that’s in our roadmap. Elefront and VA object components are not compatible, unfortunately, (since VA are “custom objects”). We cannot rely on Elefront to support VA objects so we may develop our own VisualARQ Bake component, including the option to assign Section attributes in GH.

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