Unable to render out

I have Rhino and Vray installed through parallels and Windows 7.

In Vray option editor --> output i have checked “Override viewport” with 4096x2160. Same has been set under Rhino Document Properties.

I have checked “Save output” but nothing is saved when rendering.

When I hit “Render” it Vray frame buffer shows "100% of 600x316.

How the … do i get the render out in 4096x2160 and how do I choose to render only one element at a time?

Please give me advice asap as i have a deadline tomorrow.

It has been years since I’ve worked with Rhino, and don’t remember what to do.

Hi SImone- it’s hard to say what to do with Parallels in the picture - Rhino itself does not support Parallels, I have no idea how VRay behaves with it.