Render is up and to the left of view port


I’m confused. any ideas?

I’m using vray. Under Vray Options/Output I have overide viewport checked, as well as get view aspect so it should be matching the viewport perfectly.


Looks right to me.
But the horizon is further out due to V-ray handling the groundplane. Rhino only shows the dummy plane.
I put your image into Photoshop and layed them on top of each other and it had a pixel perfect match. (But the height of the images are different. I presume that is because you clipped it prior to posting.


Hi holo,

Thanks for responding to my post. I didn’t do any clipping or cropping. That’s what I’m confused about. It’s like the camera is somewhere above my view port.


That seems very odd.
I’d post this on the V-ray forum then.
Here’s what you can do: Render the image and save it to a file. Then in Rhino type ViewCaptureToFile and save the view too.

(Marc Gibeault) #5

If the Camera output ratio is not exactly the same as the viewport, the render can’t match the viewport.
It’s best to overlay the camera frame with this script:

-_RunScript (
Call SafeFrame
Sub SafeFrame()
Dim Vray
Set Vray = Rhino.GetPlugInObject (“V-Ray for Rhino”)

If IsNull(Vray) Then
Rhino.Print "V-Ray for Rhino Scripting Plugin Not Loaded"
Exit Sub
End If

Dim imgW, imgH
Call Vray.GetRenderOutputSize (imgW, imgH)
Rhino.RenderResolution Array(imgW, imgH)
Rhino.Command “-_RenderSafeFrameOptions visible enter”, False

End Sub

Repeat to toggle off.


How do I load a script to run? when I enter run script there’s no subscript to select. Please excuse me if I’m being an idiot and thank you for the help.

(Marc Gibeault) #7

What I like to do is create a button for these tools that I tend to use often.
You just have to past the script in the button in the “Command” area of the Button Editor.