Render is up and to the left of view port

I’m confused. any ideas?

I’m using vray. Under Vray Options/Output I have overide viewport checked, as well as get view aspect so it should be matching the viewport perfectly.

Looks right to me.
But the horizon is further out due to V-ray handling the groundplane. Rhino only shows the dummy plane.
I put your image into Photoshop and layed them on top of each other and it had a pixel perfect match. (But the height of the images are different. I presume that is because you clipped it prior to posting.

Hi holo,

Thanks for responding to my post. I didn’t do any clipping or cropping. That’s what I’m confused about. It’s like the camera is somewhere above my view port.

That seems very odd.
I’d post this on the V-ray forum then.
Here’s what you can do: Render the image and save it to a file. Then in Rhino type ViewCaptureToFile and save the view too.

If the Camera output ratio is not exactly the same as the viewport, the render can’t match the viewport.
It’s best to overlay the camera frame with this script:

-_RunScript (
Call SafeFrame
Sub SafeFrame()
Dim Vray
Set Vray = Rhino.GetPlugInObject (“V-Ray for Rhino”)

If IsNull(Vray) Then
Rhino.Print "V-Ray for Rhino Scripting Plugin Not Loaded"
Exit Sub
End If

Dim imgW, imgH
Call Vray.GetRenderOutputSize (imgW, imgH)
Rhino.RenderResolution Array(imgW, imgH)
Rhino.Command “-_RenderSafeFrameOptions visible enter”, False

End Sub

Repeat to toggle off.

How do I load a script to run? when I enter run script there’s no subscript to select. Please excuse me if I’m being an idiot and thank you for the help.

What I like to do is create a button for these tools that I tend to use often.
You just have to past the script in the button in the “Command” area of the Button Editor.