Unable To Install Rhino 7

Good afternoon, friends. I hope all is well with you. Today I am posting this in response to a need. Whenever I attempt to install " Rhino 7" on my Windows 10 PC, it shows an “error opening file for writing” message. The issue continues to occur even after I try to install it with my best effort. Is there anyone who can tell me the way to solve this problem? I would appreciate any suggestions.

You’re not giving us much to work with here, obviously it should work. Maybe the download is bad, did you try downloading it again?

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Also, make sure that you have installed any pending Windows OS updates and reboot the machine.

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Thanks for replying, and for the suggestion also. I already figured out the issue after finding this after searching on Google today. The issue is fixed after following the process mentioned there. I just changed the security permission, and the issue is resolved. Thanks again.

I also have a problem after install rhino 7 on my win 11. the shaded view doesnt provide any shading to the geometry, but just pure white. while arctic view is more of a rendered view. Is there any setting i could do?@Wim Dekeyser

@myb has started a new thread with this problem. Shaded preview problem