Shaded preview problem

Hi, my shaded preview is very werid that the geometry is always white no matter what i change. and the same file if i goto other computer it will look normal. and i have tried to restore the setting to default but doesnt help. I am installing rhino in a new Win11 computer, and it is my first time ever had this problem. Can I get some help ?

Does this happen with certain files, or with any file?

What happens if you start Rhino and create new geometry?

Also, run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and post the result here. There’s a good chance that your graphics card drivers in somehow involved!
HTH, Jakob

anyfile, and when i try to start rhino and creat new geometry

many thank

Hi @myb
Next time, just press the “Copy All” button at the bottom and paste the entire text - that way it makes it easer to help… but in this case, all we need is right there at the start:
There’s no driver installed for your graphics card! It looks as if its an Nvidia card, so go to and locate the latest driver for your card, install it, restart the computer and start Rhino and see if that helps. If not, run SystemInfo again and paste the (entire) text here to dissect :slight_smile:
HTH, Jakob

Problem solved!!! thank you so much!! And I will also remembet to use “Copy All” button next time. :yum:

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