Rhino 6 Shading Error

(I think!) After updating Rhino 6 my shading no longer works:

(examples of surface and mesh from various models.)

Until update, everything working perfectly. Rendered viewport still works, but the shading in Ghost is also corrupt. I was using a lot of memory in GH when I noticed it,

I have a Rhino 7 license, and the shading there is still OK, but it wants me to update which I won’t.

Drivers are up to date. The laptop I have here isn’t the best, but it was working fine. What would cause this? Do you have the old build available??

Thank you!

Hello -

Please run the SystemInfo command in Rhino and copy/paste the results here.


I had restarted my machine before, but faced the same issues opening files.
This time it seems to be working though!?

The first time I discovered the error I had a lot going on in GH memory wise. Could this have corrupted something?