File Opening Failure

I created a file yesterday and was using RhinoRender to generate renderings and a material palette.

Today, when I go to open the file, the Rhino application freezes and says “Loading Rhino Render, version 1.50, Mar 19 202, 23:54:52” in the command dialogue box. It stays stuck on this until I have to force close the program.

Is the file corrupt? If so, is there a way to troubleshoot it? The .bak file similarly doesn’t load.


Hello - but Rhino opens other files OK, correct? Can you please run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the results here?


20_0403 Rhino_Troubleshoot_SystemInfo.txt (2.0 KB)

Hello - thanks - nothing leaps out at me… the video drivers are a little old-ish, but that does not seem like it would cause this. My guess of the moment is that there may be an object in the file that does not want to create a render mesh and gets stuck at that stage if there is a shaded or rendered viewport in the file. Doe the file open if you start Rhino in Safe Mode?

To start Rhino in Safe Mode: Windows start menu, type in ‘Rhinoceros’ and look for the ‘Rhinoceros in Safe Mode’ entry.

You can send us the file for a look - Please put a link back to this topic in your comments.


Thanks for your prompt response.

The file doesn’t load in Safe Mode either. I will upload it at the link provided.

Hello - thanks, I got it - the file opens instantly here and shades/renders as expected… Are all the materials and textures you added from a local file or are they on a network drive or a synced drive like dropBox or Google Drive?


The materials and textures are from the McNeel Render Content - I’m not sure where this information is saved. The file path reads like this:

User Name > AppData > Roaming > McNeel > Rhinoceros > 6.0 > Localization > en-US > Render Content


Thanks, that all looks correct, to me… Is this a new installation of Rhino? I’ll ask some bigger brains here but can you try doing a repair of the Rhino install? Windows Start menu > Settings > Apps > find Rhino 6, select it and click Modify then Repair…


I tried the repair / reboot and it still didn’t take. The Rhino license is relatively new and the program was updated recently as well.

Replacing the materials in the file with new ones seems to have sorted it out, but I do not know why.