Exporting issue in Mac Rhino 6 latest


Hey, I’m having an issue on Rhino 6 for Mac, betas several months ago up to the most recent update (as of August 5th late evening US).

Issue is that when exporting any file - new, blank; an imported STL; simple shapes; or an actual design - when trying to change the file type or file type options I get a “boop” sound and the click is rejected. So I’m basically stuck with only being able to save/export to 3dm for Rhino 6.

I’m currently running Catalina Beta 5, but dual-booting over to Mojave hasn’t given any better results.

Any ideas or where I should grab logs from?

Thanks for your help!

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We saw this recently in another Catalina beta user, but we were unable to reproduce it in Mojave.

Can you please send your SystemInfo results once you have booted back to Mojave?

Same issue here… Both on a new MacMini and a MacBook Pro

Same request to you then. Please post the result from the SystemInfo command.