Rhino 6 for Mac - Export not working

Hi there,

I updated my Rhino 5.5 license to Rhino 6 last week, however for some reason, Rhino 6 won’t let me export any 2D Geometry. When I highlight my 2D geometry and click ExportSelected, a frozen bar with the word Export comes up along the side, however it doesn’t do anything. When I click cancel, it seems to revert back to my last command (example - scale) and remains stuck in that command.

I didn’t have this problem with Rhino 5 so I’m just wondering what I can do to solve it?
Thanks in advance!

There is another thread on this. Exporting Issue

Hi Patrick - is this the case with any geometry? If you start a new session of Rhino, with only one document, make a rectangle or something - does Export behave the bad way?