Unable to enable, select or disable Osnaps


Recently, when modelling, I’ve noticed that Osnaps suddenly lock out. The whole Osnap drop-down menu greys out and I’m unable to select, enable or disable anything in the menu. It still works via commands but I’m used to selecting from the menu.

Any ideas?

I’ve had this happen a few times, normally when trying to change Osanps selection/type whilst a command options window is open; I’ve been unable to consistently reproduce it so haven’t reported it. The only way I’ve managed to get it working again is to toggle the disable all check box a couple of times.

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Ok. #bug confirmed.

are #hashtags working (yet)?

Fun! Seems I just managed to trigger an 8 year old bug. Pressing the Osnap status bar button did nothing except for repeatedly showing this message in the command line:


Manually clicking to enable all Osnaps and selection filters again (because for some reason all of their checkboxes were deselected) returned normal functionality…

Hi Robert -

Somewhat unlikely, since that was reported on macOS (you are on Windows), and that being fundamentally different between current versions and a version that is 8 years old on that platform.

At any rate, all of this (Osnaps and filters) is completely overhauled on both platforms in Rhino 8. If you find something that doesn’t work in the WIP, please let us know.