Osnap/SelectionFilter command line options?

Osnap has all options available through it’s corresponding named command line, and you can enable/disable/toggle it via the DisableOsnap command.

So this seems to enable you to create a completely custom Osnap toolbar with custom icons, if you don’t want to use the default text-based one… however, the most important thing which I want to add, which is a permanent “one shot” visible toolbar, is something I haven’t figured out how to access from a button. Does anyone know how to, for example, put “POnSrf” on a button?

Also, I can’t find the corresponding command line for SelectionFilter. Unlike the Osnap command, SelectionFilter only toggles the visibility of that toolbar, and not enable/disable/toggle (which again, is a consistency break in the Rhino UI). Does anyone know what the full options commands are named?

-_SelectionFilter _DisableFilter _Enter (this is a toggle)

Type -_SelectionFilter at the command line and see all the options…

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Thanks, missed the little dash in the beginning. Now, why do I have to add -_ to SelectionFilter to see the options, but not Osnap, I wonder?

Also, somehow, it’s now the same with Osnap all of a sudden, even if I click the hard-coded bottom text button in Rhino and I did not have this behavior before. How do I restore the default behavior which toggles the functionality on/off instead of the panels themselves?

And as sudden as it happened it went away… what makes these buttons sometimes enable and disable their functionality, and other times show or hide the their entire panels?


I see no pattern to their changing behaviors yet.

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Is there a command that enables you to switch surfaces/polysurfaces while creating a curve?

Because it works the first time, but if I place a few points, and then want to switch, I get this:


Or perhaps there’s a command to cancel out of a one-shot without cancelling the current tool?

Persistent - I don’t think so… Once you’re on an object with “persistent” I think you have to stay there. So the only way would be to only use OnSrf/OnPSrf for each pick.

Ok, thanks!

Wishlist for McNeel employees if they see this, I guess. :slight_smile:

These are always on my window now, so I don’t have to press control: