Unable to change tools menu side

In the new version 499, I am unable to make the size of the tools side bar smaller. I am trying to make it narrower, because right now there is a lot of empty space. The handles show up when I run my mouse over the edge of the sidebar but I can’t drag it any smaller than five columns.
Is there any way to do that?

that’s as skinny as it will go if you have the command line in the panel… you can use the HUD command dialog which will allow you to make the left sidebar 2 icons wide.

preferences-> themes
set the drop down menu to 'custom’
select the button 'use command options dialog’
open a new window

Thanks, that worked to some extent.
I can now minimize it to 4 icons, but no more…

Also, not sure what the HUD command dialog is, when I type that it says that it isn’t implemented…

Never mind the first part, I got it to go down to two by changing the tool palettes

it’s not a command… just a different way to use the command line (HUD= heads up display)… it’s the darker transparent popup dialog that floats onscreen… type a key and the command search pops up etc… (i.e.- the way mac rhino has been for the past 5 years or so :wink: )

Oh. Cool.
Yes, I prefer working like that, I switched back to it.