Left Sidebar bug?

I’ve had this issue for a while, but I’ve not spotted it mentioned by anyone else, so maybe this is not a bug, but my Mac.

Each time I open Rhino, the Left Sidebar has four and a half columns of icons showing, by increasing the width of the Sidebar and then decreasing it back to its minimum width, the Sidebar will correctly show four columns. This action will need to be done again when a tool that has an edit boxe is selected, as these are often also wider than the Sidebar.

I’m not sure if this started after the most recent release of Rhino, or after one of the last Apple OS updates.

Sorry if this has been mentioned before, I’ve searched the forums several times, but not spotted anything.

It sounds more like you’re not quitting out of Rhino, or you have a buggered plist to me.
When you Quit Rhino (Cmd+Q), the current U/I settings are save in a Rhino plist that is read when Rhino is launched again.

Try setting the sidebar width, then Quitting Rhino, then start it and open a file again.
If that works, you jest needed to save the desired setting.
If that does not work, it’s probably a buggered plist that needs to be deleted.


thanks for the reply. I’ve tried as your suggestion about Quitting (I normally do the same but from the Menu) but it still does the same thing.

Is deleting the plist easy to do, or is there a possibility of a fool breaking something?


From the Mac Rhino Wiki pages:

Thanks for the link.

I think I’ll give it a swerve for the time being and just keep adjusting the bar.


Hi Chris-

I suspect you are seeing a bug that might have been introduced when updating to macOS Sierra. We have this one on our list right now (MR-2977). We’ve also made some tweaks to (hopefully) fix some bugs that have cropped up with the sidebar behavior but the fixes to some of these will be in the next RhinoWIP (hopefully very early in 2017).

Does MR-2977 describe what you are seeing? I’m “reading between the lines” a little here.



sorry for delay in reply. I’m away until the New Year, so won’t be able to try what you suggest for a while.

It sounds like the issue I’m having. Basically I always have the left side bar set on its narrowest possible width, which would have three columns of icons. When I start Rhino (and I think also when another drawing is opened) the width of the bar will still be at its minimum width, but it will be four columns wide, with only half of the final column showing. The second the width of the left bar is changed, it rearranges the icons as three columns.

It will also have the same problem with items being wider than the bar, when a function is called that has a text box or the like. Again, increasing then decreasing the width of the bar, sets things right again for the rest of the session.


I’m having the same problem. or it least i think its the same problem. see video please. Rhinoceros version: 5.3.2 (5D197)

Are you able to reproduce this in the latest RhinoWIP (5E397w)?

Sorry, I don’t have rhinoWIP. I’m using Rhinoceros version: 5.3.2 (5D197).

I’m using Rhinoceros version: 5.3.2 (5D197).

I noticed that. A lot of work has been done since 5.3.2 so I’m curious to see if you can reproduce this bug there. I can’t seem to. The RhinoWIP is available to users who have a Commercial copy of Rhino for Mac.

I see i will be purchasing soon. i will let you know if it persists.

Thanks for your time Dan.

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Sorry for delay, only just spotted the email.

Strangely I’ve recently noticed this fault has reappeared. Not sure what triggered its disappearance or its reappearance though it may have coincided with the installation of the latest version of Rhino for Mac (V5.4).

I’ve just downloaded the latest WIP and that still has the same issue.

I am able to in 5E397w.

In fact, the bug @yousef.k shows in his video has been with me for numerous WIP and exists across several Macs and OS versions that share a .plist file; same .plist that was submitted way back in another thread about same, if my memory is correct.

PS I know you guys have been trying to squash this one (thanks) and I wish I was able to provide something better to help with that. At least this one is only mildely annoying. Better to focus on the 4-view bug, IMO.

I think I’ve finally been able to reproduce this one in RH-44776, which was reported here in a way that I finally understood (sorry for being dense about this one, it’s only obvious when you see it.).

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