Unable to calculate volume on rhino 6 SR9

Hi every one,

It is impossible to calculate the volume of the red part!!!

To create the part red, use _BooleanDifference command.

Rhino 6 SR9 2018-9-28 (Rhino 6, 6.9.18271.20591

P1835-MOD_Probleme volume tube.3dm

[https://smc2.box.com/s/opc6wbblp0un3850912sr15e5li2vazo](http://3dm Part)

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Good morning @SMC2,

I’m not sure what’s up with the way you have your link there so i didn’t try to download it. You can just drag and drop the 3dm file onto the canvas / text box for others to access

So I made a model real quick and ran the volume command.

Granted this is the trial of Rhino 6 since I work has yet to upgrade. But it did run fine on my file.
One thing to check is “showedges” and select your red object to verify if it is indeed closed. Or it could be a newer version that my trial and maybe there is a bug.

Edit: Swapped out screenshot for easier viewing.

Hello thanks for your response.

ok I try to drop the file onto the texte zone

P1835-MOD_Probleme volume tube.3dm (357.3 KB)

yeah that seems weird.
@pascal this seems like a bug to me but I’m not a developer.

I took the subtracting objects and move the top edge 1/64 of a mm so it was subtracting the tiniest bit of an angle. Now the volume command works on the object. Not an ideal situation to have to put an angle into it.
Maybe Pascal can get you some more information.

Yeah, that does look like a bit of a bug. V5 calculates the volume OK:

Volume = 494497.62 (+/- 0.078) cubic millimeters

It looks like the surfaces that are at the end of the slots - these guys here

are causing the problem. I used ExtractSrf on those 4 and deleted them, then called Cap to close the object again. Then Volume works… Go figure. @wim, one for the bug pile?

Trying to run Area on two of those four also results in Unable to calculate area, so, yes, that’s where the problem is. On the pile it goes…

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Thanks for your response :slight_smile:
I suspected it was a bug

This is filed as RH-49120.

Digging a bit deeper into that model, can you tell us a bit more about how the two cutting objects were created? Was one extruded from an input curve and then mirrored? Can you post the input curve?


Sorry but the bug is alive :S on Rhino 6 SR23 and rhino 7 Wip
P1835-MOD_Probleme volume tube.3dm (357.3 KB)


Hi -

Sorry, but I don’t think so :slight_smile:
The file that you just posted was created in Rhino 6.9.
The bug that was fixed was that the boolean function in 6.9 (or better 6.12 and below) would mess up geometry and, in turn, would lead the the problem of not being able to calculate the volume. Rhino 6.13 and up (that is, also Rhino 7 WIP) will not mess up the geometry in a boolean operation.

BUT… Rhino 6.13 and up (incl. Rhino 7 WIP) will still not be able to get the volume of messed up geometry. You will have to somehow repair that geometry, or, in the case of your file where you have all input geometry, just re-run the BooleanDifference command. You will be able to get the volume of the resulting geometry in both Rhino 6.23 and Rhino 7 WIP.

If you have a case where input geometry leads to this problem when the boolean operation was performed in a current Rhino version, please let us know!

Ho Sorry. effectively rhino 6 sr23 run corectly the volume function after make a new boolean function.
I thought that Rhino 6/7 would know how to calculate the volume of geometry messed up like Rhino 5. But not serious, there is better.