Bug: Volume calculation error on simple shape

I think I made this by just extruding a cirlce, then I offset the outer surface inward to create this final shape (solid=yes). When I run the Volume command, I get this:

Calculating volume… Press Esc to cancel
Unable to calculate volume.volume_error.3dm (147.8 KB)

I don’t need a work-around, I rebuilt it and got what I needed. Just reporting the odd error, thx.


Works here at home using latest release of Rhino 5 on Windows:

Command: Volume
Select solids or solid meshes for volume calculation ( Units=ModelUnits ):
Select solids or solid meshes for volume calculation. Press Enter when done ( Units=ModelUnits ):
Calculating volume… Press Esc to cancel
Volume = 66.758844 (+/- 1.8e-05) cubic inches


Did you run Volume on Heath’s solid?
That would make it even weirder. Here it also reports “Unable to calculate volume.”

But, @heath, you must have made it in a different way :∙). When you extrude a circle and offsetSrf that one, the caps are revolved surfaces whereas yours are trimmed surfaces.

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Yes @wim. Opened his file and typed “volume”, clicked on hollowed cylinder (i.e., pipe) in the perspective shaded mode, and it seems to work here. I’m using Windows 8, Rhino 5, 64 bit.


Odd. I’m running windows 7 with this version of rhino:

Version 5 SR7 64-bit
(5.7.31105.12495, 11/5/2013)

I am getting the error as noted with
Version 5 SR7 64-bit (5.7.31105.12495, 5/11/2013)

Everything is okay with
Version 5 SR6 32-bit (5.6.31009.15315, 10/09/2013)

WIN 7 64.


Possibly related to Another volume calculation error

Yes, this “unable to calculate” error need to be fixed as soon as possible… Please! I really need this to be reliable for the work I’m doing right now…


When I did this I was using:

Version 5 SR6 64-bit
(5.6.31028.18305, 10/28/2013)

Yes, several volume errors seem to have cropped up in the SR7 release candidate version…


Hi Heath, all- thanks- I see it on this object but I cannot make it happen again from a new circle. It looks to me like you offset the circle and then extruded both together to get the solid- the cap structure is different in OffsetSrf. In any case, I cannot make a new object that shows the problem so far, unfortunately.


Here is one…


NoVolume.3dm (96.2 KB)

And how did you make it? :ø)
A simple revolve with the cross section curve gives a solid that Volume has no problems with…

This polysurface is made of extracted inner surfaces from a … thing… I have designed (can’t tell you what it is yet :smiley:), so this is not the actual modeled piece- only a by-product for calculating the volume.


The main “domed” elements appear to be sum surfaces with two arcs as defining edges, then trimmed with a cylinder. What I found is that if I replace the outer cylinder edge (which is a revolved surface) with a simple extruded circle, I get a volume…


[quote=“pascal, post:11, topic:3781”]
It looks to me like you offset the circle and then extruded both together to get the solid- the cap structure is different in OffsetSrf.[/quote]
Thx. To be honest, I’m not 100% sure how I made it. It was quite awhile between making it and checking the volume.

Thanks all- I’ll get these on the pile. It looks like edge curves on the cylindrical parts of these objects are what is causing problems- untrimming/retrimming and rejoining these lets it all work.

These bug items are not visible to the public yet.


SR7 volume and area calculation is looks problematic to me also!

First, we’re on SR8 now so you should install that.
Second, you need to send us or tech support a file that demonstrates a problem. Just saying that something is problematic is not going to fix anything :wink:

See volume.3dm (539.8 KB): Unable to calculate volume.

It’s the current trial version:

Version 5 SR8 64-bit
(5.8.40315.18095, 3/15/2014)
Developer Build