Unable to calculate volume

I got this student model that will not calculate volume in Rhino 6 or 7 wip, it will however in Rhino 5.unable-to-calculate-volume.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hi Gijs - if you extract and delete this triangular-ish face:

and Cap the remaining object, it should work…


thanks, but how did you spot that so quickly?

A script… I was going to post it along with the reply but I see there is a glitch in it. It checks all the faces for area and pulls out the ones for which finding the area fails - that is almost always the cause of Volume failing.

I’ll fix the script if I can figure out what is amiss, and post it.


But shouldn’t those checks be part of the ‘selbadobjects’ code?

Hi Gijs - My guess is the developers will say it is technically valid and Area should not fail - I’ll start there - we’ve fixed some of these cases over the years…

ExtractAreaFailures.py (1.8 KB)