Another volume calculation error

In the attached, Rhino refuses to calculate a volume on the red version of the building. I suspect that it’s the area marked “Here”, as eliminating that detail and replacing with flat planes results in a successful calculation.


VolumeFail.3dm (536.9 KB)

FWIW, calculating the volume of the red building works in Rhino 5SR4 64-bit version.

Volume = 115855.197 (+/- 0.0001) cubic millimeters

Really? Just re-opened the file here to check and it still refuses… V5 x64 latest version (SR7)

Edit - ahh, you have SR4, so this is a recent buglet…

That should help the McNeel guys to pinpoint the problem.

Thanks Mitch and Menno,

Filed as RH-22409 (this report is not public at this time).