Volume of a complex solid - Fails to compute

I have developed this complex and thin solid and I need to check its “waterproofness” before I extract the .STL file for the 3D Printer.

The attempt to build the volume with “create Volume” has not been succesfull.
Volumenkörpererzeugung in Bearbeitung… Esc drücken um abzubrechen
Volumenkörper konnte nicht erzeugt werden.

Therefore the surfaces have just been “verbunden” (German for bind) to each other.
Then the volume was checked with “visualize edges” : there was “no open or manningfaltig” edge.

After this check the command “Analysieren/Masseigenschaften/Volumen” usually delivers the desired answer. Unfortunately the response this time is:
Volumenberechnung in Bearbeitung… Esc drücken um abzubrechen
Volumen kann nicht berechnet werden."

What should I do next?
Am I making a mistake?
If so how do I discover which one?
Is this a bug in Rhino? I use R6 v26 on Windows64
Rhino 6 SR26 2020-5-26 (Rhino 6, 6.26.20147.06511,


Please upload a .3dm file with your geometry if possible. Drage the file to where you type your post, or click on the vertical arrow icon above where you type your post.

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Also check to see if the object is bad (_SelBadObjects), if so, many commands could fail.

Hello - the problem is almost always that the object has one or more faces that fail in area calculation. Here’s a script that extracts those faces - give it a try and see if it finds anything. Fixing them is a different matter - please post one or two that fail, if the thing finds any.

To use the Python script use RunPythonScript, or a macro:

_-RunPythonScript "Full path to py file inside double-quotes"

ExtractAreaFailures.py (1.6 KB)