UI - Properties panel - Changing object layer seems really off

Hello, I did not bring it up before because I thought it was going to be addressed, but as things are advancing, I’m now doubting that. But as you can see in the below picture, changing an object layer from the properties side panel on macOS really feels like a WIP feature.

I do like that we’re seeing the layer color right away, but the square as well as the text itself look too big imo. I also don’t understand why there would be a scroll bar here even if I don’t need it (neither does Rhino which can have a bigger list if I had more layers). Generally, the look of this list doesn’t feel native at all.


The properties panel in itself has lots of lost space on its left side, which is very visible on the pictures.

Ok, I think there’s even a proper bug here : no matter how many layers I have, the selection window is always too small for the last layer.

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Testing on a 16’ MBP, I’m not seeing the scroll bar here, it will appear if I try to scroll [Which I guess make little sense as no layer is hidden

Tested also with more layers, so up to 11 layers all are shown [without scrolling]. from the 12 on there is a need to scroll.
but none is half hidden.

Regarding the esthetics… they copy the look from Windows for R8 so some visual penalty was I guess unavoidable


Hi @flixchameroy,

Yes, I see that. Thanks for reporting.


– Dale

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Yes, but the entire UI copy the look from R8 Windows, without being so off

RH-77351 is fixed in the latest BETA

It does look a bit better, but I still have an unnecessary scroll bar no matter how many (or -few) layers I have :

In addition to not being necessary, it obstruct the end of layer names…

@flixchameroy - that fix will be in next week’s Beta release.


– Dale


Hi @dale , I just downloaded the new Beta, and this issue is still not fixed. The dropdown size keeps being too small, and not able to show all layers.

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