Object Window Not Displaying Object Info. Rhino 8

Sorry, I mis-posted the following to the Mac forum. Trying again…

I’ve just begun using Rhino 8.

Somehow, the object properties panel is not displaying data about the object anymore, such as whether it’s an open or closed object, etc. When I press the round rainbow, it displays viewport properties. I cannot find a way to get back to displaying properties associated with a selected object. I’m not sure what button I inadvertently pushed to get into this mode.



In the very bottom corners of the Rhino application window, there are little controls to toggle those on and off.
Try clicking on the one on the bottom right.

Does that bring the side container back?

Hi John,

Actually, the side container is there. The issue is that the properties panel is displaying viewport properties instead of object properties. I can’t find any way to get it back to displaying object properties.



The properties panel display current viewport properties when nothing is selected.
If you select something, it will display that objects properties.

This is odd. I actually know that and was selecting different objects with no change. This morning I rebooted the computer and things are working as expected. Should have done that first.
thanks much!


Nope windows.

Odd. That’s a very rare occurrence in Windows.
Macs seem to have more of these oddities that an OS restart gets sorted.

That said, it seems far more people restart their Windows computers regularly than Mac users do. I shut down my Windows boxes every night. My Macs are laptops so I just close the lid and reboot once a week.