UI inconsistency on SubD toolbar (V7)

Hi guys,
personally I think the UI for SubD need a small changes:
The general Rhino UI is set to have, for each tab, the building tools on left toolbar and the editing tools at the top.

The only one that’s different is the SubD modeling where building and editing tools are mixed in the upper toolbar and the left is for “general editing”.

But the MAJOR ISSUE is that I can’t access SubD from the STANDARD!!!


I think I can point the finger solidly at @BrianJ for the suggested arrangements for these tools…


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Thanks for the feedback @skysurfer I’ve filed https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-66173

In the meantime, you can show the SubD tools in a floating toolbar and use the Ctrl key to copy icons to the Standard Sidebar as shown below if that helps.

Thanks @BrianJ and @pascal ,
for me is important reaching a more consistent UI.
Teaching become easier with this small improvement.

best regards


Ehm… No one care about this?
It’s a shame because this would be simple and make rhino more coherent.


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That UI change is on @pascal’s list and set for v8.


So we’re getting closer to v8… @pascal is this request on your radar?
It’s a small but strong step in making Rhino UI less fragmented and much effective.


Hi Riccardo -

I’ve changed the release target to UI Freeze, but, yes, RH-66173 is on Pascal’s radar.

Hi @wim , @pascal ,
I saw an improvement on the Sub-D menus under the Sub-D label but I still missing the access to this features from the standard toolbar.

For UI consistency I’m expecting to have a new line were to access the Sub-D Creation tools and the Sub-D editing tools (see the image below)

Thanks for taking care of this.

Hello- I am not wild about this idea, myself - the workflow is pretty particular and having it all under the SubD tools tab seems like the cleanest way, to me. Packing a useful number of subd tools into the standard group would either be unwieldy or too truncated to actually be useful.

@theoutside @BrianJ - what do you think?


Thanks for your reply.
I can understand that having a dedicated interface only for Sub-D modelling is better but the actual interface should duplicate many other of the standard tools to be complete.

I know the gumball and the Align options but still I found myself going “back” to the standard toolbar looking for simple transformation tools (eg Move or Rotate, Mirror) in order to align points or part of the geometry.
Going back to the standard toolbar “breaks” the modeling flows reducing the efficency.

I’ve to admit that I’m not a fan of the upper Labels at all, I’m using only the SubD one and just because it’s the only way to access this tools, otherwise I will not use it at all.

IMO it doesn’t’ compromise the overall look of the sidebar:


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personally I prefer the subd tab as it’s kindof a world unto its own. But, rhino is a magical beast and everyone has their own approach.

It would be simple to add some buttons there as a custom UI, but my vote would be to leave the standard toolbar as is.

@pascal and @BrianJ
Finally the the standard toolbar is more coherent